Coping4Kids® is a resource developed by Australian psychologist and educator Justine Knott. It contains resources for children, young people and their parents on mental health topics such as anxiety, anger, social skills, bullying, school related issues, stress management, and study skills.


Justine has worked with young people for over 20 years as a therapist and teacher and has drawn on her wealth of experience to share these resources with families.


This section of the site is written for kids up to 12 years old. Click on this link to go to the children’s section. Here you will find lots of useful information, activities and ideas for kids on coping with worries and problems.  


Designed for adolescents aged 13 and above, this section provides information and advice on common difficulties experienced at this age, including anxiety, depression, bullying, stress and relationship issues.


This section of the website is for parents, grandparents or carers of children and young people, to provide resources and support on issues which may arise as children progress in their development. It provides ideas on how adults can support children, and information on when and how to access professional support.