Welcome to Coping4Kids!

If you have made it to this site you may be going through some hard times, or you may have a friend who is. This part of the site is written just for you.




We all experience different feelings everyday.  Everybody has sad, angry, worried, scared and happy feelings or emotions. Sometimes, though, emotions can get very strong, or overwhelming. We can feel like we can’t cope with what is going on.  

  • For example, some kids feel worried a lot more than they should and the worries are getting too big or happening too often. Click the link to read more about that.

  • Some kids get very angry a lot and their anger might get out of control and get them into trouble. If this is you then go to the anger page to learn more.

Other problems

  • Do you find it hard to sleep? You are not alone! Many children find this hard, and guess what? Sleep affects how we feel and how we behave too. Go to this section for heaps of information about sleep.

  • Are you worried about friendships?  Have you been bullied at school? These can be worrying problems and you might need support. Go to the sections above for more information. If you have been bullied, make sure you tell an adult you can trust.

You can also go the Resources4You section, which has some activities to download. Make sure you get parent permission to do that. Also if you need more help, go to the How to Get Help page which has some other websites and people you can call for help if you have a problem.  

The good news is that there is help, and this is a good thing. You are not alone, although you might feel like you are sometimes.

Many kids have been through what you are going through.” 

Coming soon....  I feel sad a lot, Friendships and What is Autism?