Feeling like you belong and having friends is important and when other kids treat you badly this is very hard. 


Bullying can mean someone is hurting you physically, like pushing you around, or hitting you.  It could mean that they are threatening to hurt you. 


It can also mean they say mean things to you such as call you names, or spread lies about you.  


If this happened once and it was with a friend, and they said sorry, or you sorted it out, we probably wouldn't call this bullying. But if it is something that happens a lot, like many times a week or if the one person does it to you every time they see you, that is bullying. 


Many people who bully are not very happy people themselves and that is why they like to make other's feel bad.  They might be going through their own problems that you don't know about.  


It is very important not to let the problem go on for a long time without telling someone and getting help.  You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed if you have been bullied.


Here are some ideas about what to do:

  1. Tell the person not to speak to you/hurt you like that.
  2. Tell a friend or someone else you can trust what happened.
  3. If the problem doesn't stop, talk to your teacher, or another adult at school, such as the Principal.  If you don't feel comfortable doing that, talk to a parent or other family member.
  4. Most problems can be sorted out and even some people who have been enemies at some point can end up being friends.
  5. Tell yourself that what the person says is not true and you are not going to let that make you feel bad. 

What you should NOT do:

  • bully the person back
  • spread rumours (lies) about the person to get back at them
  • keep quiet and put up with being treated badly
  • feel bad about yourself
  • believe the bad things the person says about you

Don't be afraid to stand up to bullying.