What else you can do if you need help

It can be really confusing when you are having a problem. You might not know what to do. 

You could go and talk to a parent or family member, teacher or friend. Sometimes there are counsellors at schools who can talk to kids about their problems. A counsellor or psychologist is a person whose job it is to help people going through problems. Sharing how you feel with them can help.  

Sometimes when we are going through a problem we can feel very alone.  But there are always other people who have been through what you have been through.  There would be other kids at your school feeling what you feel but they just don't talk about it.  


Go to the Links4You page if you still have some questions or concerns.


Kids Help Line is a great place to start. You can email them or contact them online if you have a problem and don't want to phone them.