I get angry a lot

Do you get angry a lot?  Or maybe you find that when you do get angry it gets really out of control?  Lots of kids feel that way but they can learn to manage their angry feelings so that they are in control and their anger doesn't control them!


There is an activity on the Resources4You page called When I Am Angry, which you can print off and fill in. 


Where do you feel anger in your body?  Some people feel it in their faces, and their face gets really hot.  Some people sweat a lot. You might feel it in your heart. 


When we get angry, our heart starts beating fast and pumps all the blood to our muscles to get them ready for action. This is why people often clench their fists and punch or kick when they are angry.  

Anger activates the Fight or Flight response.  This is a system built into our brains to help us react to emergencies.  


The ‘Fight’ response would lead someone to yell or get aggressive with others when they are angry. 


The ‘Flight’ response would lead someone to run away to get away when they are angry or upset.


Which do you think you do? 


Anger is not wrong, or bad.  It is a natural emotion that we all have.  If it is getting out of control, though, it might cause you to hurt other people or yourself.  It is best for you to learn how to manage it.


Because your brain's emergency response has been activated, or switched on, you need to calm it down.  This can mean breathing and other relaxation activities such as having some 'time-out' in your room, or exercise like running, and jumping on the trampoline.  You will need to get to learn what works for you, as we are all different.


Next time you are angry, try a calming activity and notice which one helps you the most.  Also notice what triggered or caused the angry feelings so that you will be prepared next time.

Go to our Relaxation page for some ideas about activities you can do to relax your mind and body.