I worry a lot

Worried boy

If you are a worrier, you are not alone!  A lot of children have worries, fears or anxieties.  


We all worry sometimes, but for some people worries are getting out of control and happening all the time.  Or maybe you have one or two really big worries, like phobias.  


If you have a lot of worries, you will need to learn some ways to relax your mind and body.  Go to this section for some relaxation ideas.


Kids with worries or anxiety have lots of worry thoughts a lot of the time.  Worrying thoughts can make you feel very sick.  You might feel things in your body like:

  • sick in your tummy
  • headaches
  • sweaty
  • dry throat

Go to the Resources4You section to download this sheet and print it out (check with your parents first). Fill in the blanks with some of the worries that go through your mind. Maybe you can tell an adult about some of the worries to see if they can help you sort through them.

Kids with phobias might have one or two really big fears about specific things.  Like spiders or dogs for example (those are very common, which means a lot of people have them).  Some phobias are caused by something scary happening to you, and others just start up for no reason.  You might share a phobia with someone in your family.  

Sometimes we grow out of a phobia but sometimes we need extra help to manage it or get rid of it. 

Here is a tiny picture of a spider so you don't get too scared!

If we have a phobia we can gradually get less afraid of it by exposing ourselves to it bit by bit.  For example, you might be able to look at a picture of a spider in a book from across the room, then gradually get to the point where you can look at it up close, then maybe touch the picture.  It helps if you can practice breathing exercises to relax your body while you do this. 

Kids with social anxiety feel anxious or shy in social situations (in dealing with other people). If you get this you might feel very uncomfortable with people looking at you or when speaking in front of a group. You might need some help to develop some confidence in yourself.  Sometimes going to a social skills group can help. You will learn how to play with other kids in a small group with a counsellor's support.