Parenting children is a challenging task, but it is even more so when children are experiencing mental health or behavioural difficulties.  This section is for parents, grandparents or carers of children and adolescents.


It provides information on many emotional, social and behavioural concerns that are commonly seen by psychologists, and advice on how to support children experiencing these.   There is also advice about when and how to seek professional help.


Child mental health

 Parents are particularly concerned when their younger children are presenting as stresseddepressed, anxious or having difficulties at school.


Information on adolescence

 Parenting a teenager holds its unique challenges.  This section on teenagers provides information on this developmental stage and on how this might impact on your parenting.  Read here about how it can be difficult to differentiate between normal teenage mood swings and depression.  


Resources4You has free resources such as tip sheets for download. These are particularly useful for people who are unable to access psychological services.  They can also be used in conjunction with therapy to provide children a practical resource to use at home.  

Coming soon... articles on internet bullying & safety, self esteem and supporting children with organisational skills.

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