Now Available!  Anxiety Pack 4 Kids


Coming Soon!  A range of treatment kits for purchase, including the Anger Pack and Sleep Pack©.

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Kids Activities & Resources

The following free resources and activity sheets may be downloaded for use.


Worry Thoughts sheet
Print out this sheet and fill in the blanks with some of your worrying thoughts.
Worry Thoughts.jpg
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Bully Blocking sheet
Print out and fill out the words the bullies might be saying. What can the boy who is being bullied think to himself to block the bully words from hurting him? Write that in his thought bubble.
Bully Blocking.jpg
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Happy Me Sheet
Draw a picture in the centre of this sheet to show how you look when you are happy. Or paste a photo of yourself there. Look at this when you are having a bad/angry/sad or worried day to make yourself feel a bit better.
Happy Me.jpg
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When I Am Angry
Worksheet activity for children to build awareness of their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
WHEN I AM ANGRY worksheet.pdf
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Adolescent activities and downloads

Stress Free VCE
Handout for senior high school students on stress in VCE and a plan they can work through to help them get through the year.
Stress Free VCE Handout.pdf
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